Mocap for Video Games & Virtual Reality


If you need high quality realistic animations to enhance your video game or virtual reality production motion capture can be a great solution. As well as increase the quality and realism of your project it can dramatically speed up production and lower costs.


Mocap Studio Hire


Our studio can be hired for a single days session or by the week for larger projects at a discounted rate. Studio hire includes the use of all our studio equipment with the assistance of two technitions to help with system setup, calibration and operation. If needed we can also help source actors for your project.


Our studio space has 24 high resolution cameras each recording at 120 frames per second. These provide very accurate marker tracking suitable for the production of AAA quality animations. Our system is setup with a 4m x 3m stage area and is capable of capturing full body motion of multiple performers, props and optional finger tracking. We also have an inertial mocap suit that can be used for outdoor motion capture and capture in confined spaces such as vehicles.


Data Cleanup & Delivery


Before delivery of your captured data we offer complimentary cleanup & processing free of charge up to the length of your capture session. We are keen to make sure that you have the best possible quality data from your session. Once we have cleaned and processed the data we can deliver it to you in a number of formats. This includes optical data as C3D or FBX (with MB actor setup) and data solved to a motion builder compatible skeleton in BVH or FBX format. If you have a character you would like your data retargetted to we can also help with this.