Who are we?

We are a two person team…

Jim has 20 years of experience in game development and web programming. His activities in online virtual worlds led to his focus on motion capture animation. For the past 12 years this has been his main focus and led to the creation and setup of Awesome Dog Mocap Studio.


Debbie is our in-house artist and character modeller. She has a background in traditional art and illustration. She specialises in low poly character modelling and 2d digital illustration. Her personal artist portfolio website can be found here and examples of her low polygon count character modelling can be found on our 3d character design page.


What we do?
We are based in the City of Edinburgh and specialise in motion capture animation and low polygon 3d character design and modelling. Our primary focus is on the creation of content we sell in various online marketplaces. Our motion capture studio and 3D character design services are also available for hire. Please see our services pages for more information.


Our Motion Capture Studio
Set in one of Edinburgh’s underground vaults; we offer full body motion capture and 3D game character design services. Our optical motion capture service is capable of producing AAA game quality animations and comes with all the support and assistance you need for both capture and post processing of data. For situations where our optical studio is not suitable such as enclosed spaces or on-site capture we also have an inertial motion capture system.


Mocap For Virtual Platforms
We offer a range of products for virtual world / online game entertainment and content development markets.

Entertainment content for virtual worlds and online games.

Stock Mocap
We will soon be launching a range of high quality, cleaned and ready to use stock mocap packs for game developers and 3d artist.